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Work Smart With Intelligent Instagram Scheduling

Get hashtag recommendations, publish feed and story post at the same time, post to multiple accounts at once, and get alerted of things you should post.

Post Anything. Anytime. From Anywhere.

Post any type of video or image file to your Feed or Story in seconds. Post days, weeks or months in advance. Enjoy the convenience of your desktop or mobile device.

Engage More With Social Monitoring and Reposting

Track #hashtags and @accounts and repost with just a click. Use the social calendar to see what’s trending. Get email alerts of tags and accounts you are monitoring.

Generate More Traffic With An All-In-One Bio Link

Transform the single link in your profile bio into a page with links to all your feed posts, stories, social pages, websites, coupon request forms, email capture forms and more.

Go Viral With Integrated Contest and Rewards Programs

Run automated contests and rewards using Post & Reward. Post the contest, specify sharing and engagement rules, and winners can be selected and contacted automatically.

Generate More Traffic with a FREE All-in-One Bio Link

Get the most powerful all-in-one bio link working for you. Supercharge your Instagram bio link page with unique themes, unlimited links and buttons, and advanced functionality. Create a shoppable feed, add calls to action, giveaways, and email capture forms, even track visitors with integrated Facebook PIxel and Google Analytics-- and more! Best of all, it's free forever, for real.

Unlimited Links, Limitless Potential

Engage customers and drive traffic where it matters most with unlimited links. Add your social profiles and external links like your website, blog, e-store and more. Unlimited links, free with

Close the Sale with a Shoppable Feed

Close the sale on your page. Tag multiple products and links in your posts, creating a clickable, shoppable feed that lives on your bio link landing page.

Reward Followers with Giveaways and Freebies

Reward your fans with the click of a button on your bio link page. Give away coupons and other freebies to followers while building your email list! Set conditions to boost engagement, and customize your offering to your audience. Grow your list, boost engagement and connect with customers using Call to Action buttons on your page.

Do More with Powerful Features

Try the powerful suite of features to streamline your socials. Explore our powerful post scheduler, social listening and repost tools, and our easy to use post & reward contest tool. A full suite of social management tools, all at your fingertips.

Powerful Targeting

DM each new follower, existing followers, people who use certain hashtags, or followers of competitor accounts

Flexible Messaging

Randomize and optimize your message using variable text snippets so you don’t repeat the same message over and over.

DM to Email & Vice Versa

Connect your DM to your Email account to recieve and respond the DMs in and from your Email account using custom subject lines.

Desktop Inbox

Reply, organize, delete and filter Direct Messages from the convenience of your PC, or desktop or even mobile browser.

Upload Custom Lists

Upload a custom list of instagram accounts for outbound DMs.

DM via Multiple IGs

Manage multiple Instagram accounts from your one single dashboard on DmPro, each with different message templates.

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Get Likes

Join LIKE groups where members will like each post.

Get Comments

Join COMMENT groups where members will organically comment on each post.

Get Followers

Members of the pod will follow you for more growth.

Avoid Leechers

Members who do not engage get removed from the group automatically.

Feed Posting

Schedule single or multi-part photos/videos on your Instagram feed from any device!

Story Posting

Schedule Stories to Instagram using all the editor features of Instagram


Repost contents to your Feed and Story based on Hashtag, Location, URL, or username

Multiple Account Posting

If you have more than 1 Instagram account, you can schedule posts for all of them simultaneously in one panel!

Delete Posts Automatically

Configure the posts to be removed from your feed based on an exact time.

Link Your URL in Stories

Do you want to use the SWIPE UP feature as well? Just put the link in the scheduled story.

Search Hashtags & Locations

Use the built-in hashtag researcher to find popular hashtags and locations

Respond to Comments Automatically

Create a standard set of comments and let the platform do the replies for you

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Instagram Check Up

enter your Instagram account name and let RealtorMate analyze your posts, engagement rates, followers and more.

Instagram Post Scheduler

get organized and post to your feed or stories in advance with ease.

Bio Link Page

create a page with links to your listings, contact me button, website and more. All linked from your bio url.

Social Listening

enter hashtags and competitive accounts and let RealtoMate monitor them and send you alerts.


search for posts using tags or account names and repost with a click.

Bonus Offers

bonus offers on managed services including our ContentMate and GrowthMate programs.
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